Pack of 25 / Master Box of 3000

  • For short term bladder catheterization through urethera.
  • Soft, frosted, non-toxic and kink-resistant medical grade PVC tube.
  • Atraumatic, soft and rounded closed tip with two lateral eyes for effective drainage.
  • For proper X-ray visualization, Radio-opaque line provided throughout the length of the catheter.
  • Universal funnel shape connector for easy connection to urine bag.
  • Colour coded connectors for easy identification of size.
  • Sterile, pyrogen free and disposable.
  • Individually packed in paper pouch.


Size FG 6 FG 8 FG 10 FG 12 FG 14 FG 16 FG 18 FG 20
Colour Green Light Blue /
Sky Blue
Black White Green Orange Red Yellow

Length – 40 cm.