Comset M CVC


Box of 1 / Master Box of 50

  • Pediatric / Precision I.V. set without airvent with a Calibrated Volume Container (burette) of 110 ml specially blended with nontoxic plastic material with flexibility and transparency, for easy priming and visibility.
  • Moulded drip chamber and micro-dropper giving approximately 60 droplets per ml.
  • Floating automatic shut off valve prevents air to be trapped in the fluid line and helps for monitoring and measuring the level of liquid.
  • Kink resistant tube of 150 cm with a smooth roller clamp which facilitates accurate flow and adjustment of fluids.
  • Latex Bulb injection port for extra medication. 21 G needle with luer lock.
  • Hanging facility of complete device on the I.V. stand.
  • Sterile, pyrogen free and disposable.