About Us

Our History

Atul Drug House was established in erstwhile Bombay (now Mumbai), India in 1953. From a controlled compact manufacturing environment with a solid thrust on research and development the company introduced products tailor made to the needs of customers. As opportunities arose the company began concentrating on specific expertise to bring to the fore world renowned and proven technology to India.

This resulted in getting technical know how from world leaders:


The company soon embarked on path breaking innovations in the medical field and were the first Indian company to manufacture and market Pharmaceutical Specialities and Surgical Disposable Patient Care Devices all over the country. This was against all prevailing norms as disposable patient care devices were considered a “luxury”. Today, we at ADH, are proud to be the pioneers in these devices and for having the foresight to bring disposable medical products to India which are now the order of the day.

As we go forward, in this fast paced technology driven world where communications is a matter of pressing a button and situations change it is time to move on. To meet the bigger and brighter challenges that are opening up before us we now offer under our umbrella a wider scope of products focused to catering anywhere on the globe.


Vision: To emerge as one of India’s most valued companies providing global technology and knowledge to help enrich the lives of our customers.

Mission: To research, develop, implement and operate our businesses through knowledge led technologies strengthened with alliances as required.

Goals: To create value for our customers through proactive corporate governance and value added services. To develop a team of business associates fully supported by our own competitive knowledge capital. To establish a global network to distribute our products to any country around the globe.

PAN India

Atul Drug House had been serving the medical fraternity and patient population since 1953 and we have emerged as the most preferred brand among the surgeons, anesthesiologists and many other specialists since its inception till date. We could achieve such a good acceptance of our products because of our vast network and dedicated Sales & Marketing Team.

Our Network

Atul Drug House has its own offices at Mumbai and apart from these we have warehouses cum offices at all State Capitals which acts as our supply points to various districts of each State. Further to these warehouses cum dispatch points we have a strong network of Authorized distributors covering almost all districts of INDIA.

Sales and Marketing Team

Atul Drug House has a well structured Sales & Marketing Team which works under the able leadership of Director, Marketing. The team comprises of Marketing Manager, Sales Managers, Product Managers, Regional Sales Managers (RSM), Zonal Managers (ZM), District Managers, Area Managers, Senior Sales Offices and Sales Offices. Each State is headed by ZM/RSM and each zone is headed by a Sales Manager.

The dedicated effort of the Sales Team is to always remain in touch with key opinion leaders of Medical Fraternity. We always welcome the feedback and suggestion from our customers which helps us to consistently improve the quality and utility of our Product line.

Together with our distribution system and Sales & Marketing Team we are working on world’s best ERP System: SAP ERP. We have always tried to leave no stone unturned to fulfil the requirements of Booming Healthcare Industry and it is our constant endeavor to provide quality services at par with International Standards to our valuable customers in each part of the country whether it is North, South, East or West through our highly professional Sales and Distribution Network.