Box of 50 / Master Box of 500

  • Transparent, non-toxic one – piece body moulded from Lexan (regd. T.M. of GE Plastics, U.S.A.)
  • Luer Lock, rotating nut on male port for secure leak proof connection.
  • Luer Lock female ports fit tightly on all ports and connectors.
  • Compact size and low profile for stable positioning on patients.
  • Leakproof device withstands pressure up to 3 bars (43.51 psi) applied in all forced infusions by pumping systems.
  • Transparent base and ports permit observation of flow and removal of air bubbles.
  • Flow direction indicating arrows on all three arms of the tap.
  • Minimal dead space for accurate dosing of medication.
  • Smooth and uniform lumen prevents turbulence and bubble formation.
  • Sterile, pyrogen free and disposable.
  • Individually packed in Blister pack.