Colchicine today remains to be the rationale therapy for all attacks of gout, namely: –

  • Acute attacks of gout
  • Subacute gout
  • Chronic Rheumatic gout

Full advantage is taken of Synergism in the composition of Colchicine Tablets so that the following effects are obtained: –

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Analgesic
  • Uric Acid Elimination

These tablets get down to the root of the trouble in gouty and rheumatic conditions, and are so well tolerated that they are ideal for the sustained administration necessary in the treatment of these conditions.


Colchicine is available in granules each containing exactly one milligram (1/64 gr.) Packed in Bottles of 40 granules.

  1. Acute attacks: – In florid gouty patients with normal heart and active emunctories, one should give larger doses first as recommended by Laborde and Houde: 4 granules on the first day, at a quarter of an hour intervals; 3 granules the second day; 2 on the third day and 1 on the fourth day. A rapid alleviation of the pain is thereby obtained.

In moderate cases, or when patient’s susceptibility is not known, on the first day, 3 granules divided in three doses at intervals of one or two hours; 2 granules in two doses on the following days should be administered. The treatment should be continued for four days but should not exceed more than seven days. We recommend these moderate doses for the majority of cases.

For debilitated gouty patients begin with small doses: 1 or 2 granules a day, increasing to 3 daily but not exceeding more than 3.

Regardless of the dose administered, discontinue the treatment as soon as the pain has been relieved. The medication should also be suspended if there is diarrhoea or vomiting. The attack should be treated as early as the second day (Loeper) or even on the first day (Critzman).

  1. Subacute and chronic attacks in the rheumatic gout: or 2 granules daily are indicated.
  1. As a preventive of acute attacks, when there is pain and slight swelling of the toe, give 1 granule (2 for florid patients) at night on retiring, with half a glass of water. Repeat the dose next day if necessary.