Pharmaceutical Waste Shredding Machine


The Pharmaceutical waste shredding machine is used to destroy Pharmaceutical waste such as aluminium/plastic blister packing, PE caps, discarded medicine bottles, vials, ampules & plastic bottles for the proper disposal of waste.

Shredding is a process by which waste is the shaped or cut in to smaller piece, so as to make the waste unrecognizable. It helps in prevention of reuse of Pharmaceutical waste and also acts as an identifier that the waste is safe to dispose off.

Our products are research backed, cost effective shredding solution with a focus on shredding as a key factor in solid waste management. It shreds dry and waste.

An effective shredding mechanism of crocodile Bite method (patent pending) is used. The crocodile bite technology operates with ‘V’ shaped fixed cutter & multiple rotary shearing discs. The fixed cutter mounted at an angle is adjacent to rotary shearing discs to achieve better cutting. The material is grabbed between ‘V’ shaped rotary discs & fixed cutter shreds repeatedly. The over cut of rotary discs avoids coiling of material and jamming of rotary shaft.

Why ADH Shredding machine

  • Versatility : it shreds soft plastic bottles, tubing, hand gloves & fumes is not  generating while shredding .
  • No Air Pollution : Dust & fumes is not generating while shredding.
  • No Sound Pollution : Low cutting speed hence, low noise level.
  • Safety Features : All safety features like Overload protection, Short circuit protection, Door open cut off switch & reversal of rotation is provided.
  • Low Electrical Consumption : It consumes less electricity than other shredder.
  • Operator Friendly : The simple construction provides better operating environment.
  • Less Maintenance Cost : Fixed cutter can be reground several times reduces the cost of spares.
  • Shock Loading : In case of non shreddable material in cutting chamber, machine will stop automatically to avoid damages.
  • Easy removable trolley of shredded waste.
  • Complete tilted hob for easy maintenance & cleaning.
  • Specially designed mesh.
  • Shredded waste after shredding.

ADH shredding machine is a robust design & minimum maintenance requirement & minimum manual handling. The machine is properly designed and covered to avoid spillage and dust generation.

Technical Specifications

Model – ADH BS 90 BS 900 BS 909 BS 990
Shredding capacity KGS /Hr 25 50 100 200
Shredding chamber size LxW (mm) 260×200 320×200 400×200 600×200
Loading Hopper size LxH (mm) 260×280 320×280 400×280 600×280
A. C. Electrical Induction motor with gear box 3.0 H.P., 3ph, 440 VAC 5.0 H.P., 3ph, 440 VAC 7.5 H.P., 3ph, 440 VAC 10 H.P., 3ph, 440 VAC
Incoming electrical Supply 10A, 440 VAC 3ph. Hz. 25A, 440 VAC 3ph. Hz. 32A, 440 VAC 3ph. Hz. 63A, 440 VAC 3ph. Hz.
Overall Dimensions LxWxH (mm) approx. 1250x700x1700 1450x700x1700 1650x700x2000 1850x800x2100
Gross Weight of Machine (Kgs.) approx. 150 (Approx.) 180 (Approx.) 210 (Approx.) 250 (Approx.)

Note : Development of product is a continuous process for better service offered to our esteemed customers. The specification are to change without any prior notice.

ADH shredding machine are equipped with hardened stainless steel non corrosive shredding cutters.

Multipurpose crocodile bite shredding technology (Patent pending by our manufacturer)

Extra accessories: Autometic waste pusher mechanism for loading hopper, PLC controlled shredding mechanism, Waste transport containers.

We also design, manufacture & supply custom – built shredding machine.